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Red Scooter Deli — Taste of PASO

Stephanie Johnston opened Red Scooter Deli in Downtown Paso Robles in December 2010 boasting an expansive menu and delivery provided on signature Red Scooters throughout town. Come on down, or order delivery, and get a Taste of PASO.

Paso Robles Casino — Taste of PASO

The Ezzell family opened Paso Robles Casino Bar & Lounge on Oct. 6, 2017, at its new location at 1144 Black Oak Drive — the only live gaming, bar and full restaurant combination on the Central Coast. Real Poker. Real Blackjack. Real cool cocktails.

Oddette’s Creole Kitchen — Taste of PASO

Oddette Howard opened Miss Oddette’s BBQ Sauces and Catering opened on April 1, 2003, serving authentic Creole/Southern food: Fried Chicken and Waffles; Fried Catfish and Greens, Meatloaf and Cabbage, Shrimp Etoufee, Jambalaya, Chicken Creole, Macaroni and Cheese, RedBeans and Rice, Smoked Back Ribs.

Odyssey World Café — Taste of PASO

Dawn Gregory and John Hawley opened Odyssey World Café in 1997 — known for comfort food with a touch of an international twist. General managers, Jill Cook White and Wilbert Saucedo, bring variety to the menu with taste trends, soups, specials, stir-fry bowls, pastas, and fresh bread daily.

Touch of Paso — Taste of PASO

Bonnie Peterson opened Touch of Paso in 1987, and still operates the busiess today… 30 years later! Customers keep coming back because they love interacting with our employees including my granddaughter, Baily; our head chef, Victor and his assistant Oscar; and our head waitress, Bernadette.


Stephen and Carol Hoyt planted their first vineyard in 2001 in Malibu, and made the first wine in our kitchen in 2003. We started producing wine in 2004. Stephen handles farming and Carol the winemaking. Come downtown to the tasting room on Park Street for a Taste of PASO.

Thomas Hill Organics — Taste of PASO

Debbie Thomas, owner of Thomas Hills Organics, shared with PASO Magazine highlights from her ever-innovative menu of farm-to-table delights for the winter season and the bounty of ingredients that draw people, near and far, to her restaurant on a daily basis.

Golden Oak Grill — Taste of PASO

Lorena Lopez and Jorge Quintero opened Golden Oak Grill in March 2015, the same year their son Tristan was born. Tristan is 2 1/2-years old, and the Grill is coming up on its third birthday. From pork carnitas chilaquiles to cinnamon roll French toast, stop by and get a Taste of PASO.

Berry Hill Bistro — Taste of PASO

Jody Storsteen opened Berry Hill Bistro on Pine Street in Dec. 2003, a few weeks before the big earthquake. Now entering her 15th year on Pine Street, the menu, venue, and atmosphere has adapted to meet the needs of hungry patrons and define the Downtown Paso Robles style.

Señor Sanchos — Taste of PASO

Carlos Leyva opened Señor Sanchos on March 5, 1990 and operates on Creston Road to this day. Whether you are in the mood for award-winning enchiladas or margaritas, come by and get a Taste of PASO at one of the longest-lasting restaurants in the neighborhood.

Taste of PASO

Stop by and say hello to our 2018 class Taste of PASO, featuring some of the best food and wine in North, East, and Downtown Paso Robles. Tell them PASO Magazine sent you. Review them on Facebook, and share the review with the...


MORNING GLORY FARMS AND THE JOY OF LOCAL GIFTING We truly love this time of year at General Store. 
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Business Spotlight – October 2017

Q&A with Ken and Susie Jevec of Cider Creek Bakery Each month, we send a set of questions to our featured business owners and share their answers with our readers. For October, we reached out to Ken and Susie Jevec, owners...

County Perspective — September 2017

Marijuana, Jail Deaths, Chip Seal, and Big Sur Hampering Hemp: I’m a sixties survivor, but I never did drugs, as difficult as that is to believe. I’d love to tell you it was my superior moral character and willpower but the...

Salus finds new location and layers of care

Salus Integrative Medicine relocates office in Paso Robles Salus is an ancient Roman goddess; the personification of health and prosperity. Integrative combines a part to create a whole. Medicine is the science and practice of...

A Bit of Whimsy – August 2017

WHEEEE!!! Have you ridden a roller coaster lately? No? Me neither, but I’ve been acting as if I have. You know how the string of cars climbs up, up, up the track until it kind of stalls then peeks over the top and starts...


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