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GIVING THANKS Wrapping my head around the enormity of goings on at the moment, it led me to surrender that some things are greater than myself — Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Paderewski, and other performing arts going on in Paso Robles — it just simply boggles the mind. I have so much to be grateful for, and also like a cornucopia, have so much to give. Doing our part to keep the good things going is just a part of what it means to live on the Central Coast, and it is a part of being an American. Nothing makes me prouder to be a part of this community than sitting in a room full of people raising paddles to outbid each other for a prize that was donated to support healthy community activities. That kind of thanks-giving is priceless, but we have no guarantee it will change a life. All we know is that it will provide an opportunity and the freedom for someone to change their own life through the hard work and dedication it takes to make that kind of change. Whether it is a donation of $250 as a scholarship to Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation for one of their students to attend for the year, or if it is the sacrifices made by our veterans overseas. Doing our part to keep the good things going doesn’t...

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School of Fish

Cardinale comes full circle Spending 11 years in the fast pace of the Los Angeles restaurant world, home grown Danny Cardinale applied his passion for food service in the management of more than a dozen restaurants before landing back home in Paso Robles as the co-owner of The Naked Fish sushi restaurant. Opening on 13th Street, triangulated between three flagship restaurants — Thomas Hill Organics, The Hatch, and Fish Gaucho — Cardinale is positioned to pilot another destination dining experience into the new era of downtown Paso Robles. Cardinale was born and raised Paso Robles, the son of long...

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Something worth reading

In 2002, I worked for Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas as the supervisor of the magazine section. Each month, new magazines hit the shelves and old ones were tossed. Part of my job was accounting for the sales of magazines. I removed all magazines from the shelves and tore off the cover with the barcode to send back to the magazine distributors. The rest of the magazine was free for the taking. I started collecting magazines with great art — travel, musicians, quotes, landscapes, and people enjoying life. I used the magazines to create large collages or “vision...

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Greetings PASO Family

Let’s keep a great thing going Wow. Can I start with that? I guess we could write anything we wanted to … a new great friend just handed my wife and I the keys to the custom hot rod he built from scratch … it is ours to cherish, protect, and drive to the next level. I didn’t know Bob Chute, but I knew about PASO Magazine, and my friend Millie Drum always spoke highly of him, so I felt it was agreeable to call him up and tell him I’m starting a local magazine and I wanted to...

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Champion of Youth dinner serves fun evening

Club goal is to serve more families Since 1991, the Paso Robles chapter of the Boys & Girls Club has delivered on the mission to enable young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Offering low-cost participation fees for local youth, the program is largely funded through local giving and the 17th annual Champion of Youth charity dinner and auction offers opportunity for new donors to learn more about how the program impacts the community in the North County. In late 2014, longtime board member Kate Morgans took the position of CEO, and with strong support from MUST! Charities and others, the North San Luis Obispo County chapter has grown and so has the need for program services in both Atascadero and Paso Robles. “We continue to be booked solid,” Morgans said. “We enrolled 150 (in Paso Robles) and have a wait list of about 80 kids. We are trying to identify some other possible locations where we can serve more kids. It could be somewhere we could host a middle school program, or something on the east side to serve families on that side of town.” Atascadero has been home to a growing program since the summer of 2014, and with a three-year financial partnership between MUST! and the Atascadero Kiwanis Mayor’s Winemaker Dinner, the club is now looking for a permanent home for...

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