Author: Nicholas Mattson

Community Co-Creates Enjoy PASO Mural

On a below-freezing Sunday morning, Pat Milbery, Pat McKinney and Jason Graves of So-Gnar began pulling paint tools out of the bright green Kia Soul in a quiet parking lot on Spring Street. The crew staged for another day of transforming an 1,800 square foot wall into an artistic display for Paso Robles.

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Publisher’s Letter: April 2018

My first instinct when sitting down to write my letter this month is to tell you all about the items we had to cut due to space. But before I indulge that instinct, I’ll share some gratitude for the reasons we do this. It truly is The Story of Us, by Us, and for Us — “We the People.” In order to form a more perfect union, it was established that freedom of the press be guaranteed by Our Constitution. The governor of our rights then passes authority to the whims of free enterprise, and in your hands is...

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Publisher’s Letter, March 2018

What a terrific month in Paso Robles — we could have filled two magazines with all the good stuff going on … so if we missed you this time, please forgive us and give us another shot. Send us an email or give us a call and let us know and we can make something happen. One of the suprise invitations I received this month turned into a the strengthening of a connection with Francisco Ramirez of the Hispanic Business Association. I had wanted to connect with the HBA, and thanks to Teresa Sullenger of Framework (my neighbor at...

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ACI Jet Celebrates 20 Years of Aviation Success

Friendly Skies and Ground Control Quietly operating amidst the blaring jet engines on tarmacs around California, ACI Jet has built itself as a high-powered service company for the arrivals and departures for local travelers and visitors to the Central Coast and Southern California. Known for its work as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), ACI Jet has locations at airports in Orange County, Oceano, San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles, but the company began when Bill Borgsmiller fueled his Piper Seneca III as the company’s first charter aircraft in 1998. ACI Jet now employs 190 people, operates a fleet of private...

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Publisher’s Letter, February 2018

As I write, it is January 15, and the whirlwind of the holiday season has died down. We got some much-needed rain to start the year and it is predicted we will meet our regional averages for the season. That is outstanding news and I’m so very happy for all of us. Water is life. There is nothing better than a nice rainy spell. I love the true seasons when we get to experience them here on the Central Coast. The smell of the rain, the sound of cars driving over rain-soaked roads, twinkling lights radiating through falling aquatic...

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