Author: Nicholas Mattson

ACI Jet Celebrates 20 Years of Aviation Success

Friendly Skies and Ground Control Quietly operating amidst the blaring jet engines on tarmacs around California, ACI Jet has built itself as a high-powered service company for the arrivals and departures for local travelers and visitors to the Central Coast and Southern California. Known for its work as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), ACI Jet has locations at airports in Orange County, Oceano, San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles, but the company began when Bill Borgsmiller fueled his Piper Seneca III as the company’s first charter aircraft in 1998. ACI Jet now employs 190 people, operates a fleet of private...

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Publisher’s Letter, February 2018

As I write, it is January 15, and the whirlwind of the holiday season has died down. We got some much-needed rain to start the year and it is predicted we will meet our regional averages for the season. That is outstanding news and I’m so very happy for all of us. Water is life. There is nothing better than a nice rainy spell. I love the true seasons when we get to experience them here on the Central Coast. The smell of the rain, the sound of cars driving over rain-soaked roads, twinkling lights radiating through falling aquatic...

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Bearcats Run the PAC 5 Table

Undefeated Champions Paso Robles accomplished the improbable after entering the season dropping the first three games and running nine of the 10 games with an interim head coach, J.R. Reynolds. Despite the adversity, and against four determined PAC 5 opponents, the Bearcats ran the table and earned an undefeated 2017 league title. The league title came with the sweet taste of rivalry victory — a 21-14 win over the Atascadero Greyhounds on Friday, Nov. 3. Entering league play, the Bearcats lugged a 1-4 record around their neck and opened against the heavy league favorite Arroyo Grande. Dispatching the Eagles,...

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Huffing and Puffing

Bearcats Cross Country Heads to CIF State The Bearcats put some distance between themselves and Arroyo Grande on Saturday, but the Eagles are still nipping at their heels on the way to the State meet. Under the world-class mentorship of “Huff,” Paso Robles High School head coach Ivan Huff, and a trusty team of assistants, the Bearcats boys cross country team continues to traverse elevation gains and run down horizons. On Saturday, Nov. 18, the Bearcats scratched another milestone on their record with a fifth-place finish in the CIF Southern Section Division 2 finals. Paso Robles entered the finals...

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GIVING THANKS Wrapping my head around the enormity of goings on at the moment, it led me to surrender that some things are greater than myself — Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Paderewski, and other performing arts going on in Paso Robles — it just simply boggles the mind. I have so much to be grateful for, and also like a cornucopia, have so much to give. Doing our part to keep the good things going is just a part of what it means to live on the Central Coast, and it is a part of being an American. Nothing makes me prouder to be a part of this community than sitting in a room full of people raising paddles to outbid each other for a prize that was donated to support healthy community activities. That kind of thanks-giving is priceless, but we have no guarantee it will change a life. All we know is that it will provide an opportunity and the freedom for someone to change their own life through the hard work and dedication it takes to make that kind of change. Whether it is a donation of $250 as a scholarship to Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation for one of their students to attend for the year, or if it is the sacrifices made by our veterans overseas. Doing our part to keep the good things going doesn’t...

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