Author: Dorothy Rogers

Hoofbeat February 2018

There is something very special that happens between a human and a first horse whether the human is a child or an adult. It’s a continuing love story that deepens through the years etching itself in memory and healing without judgment. Do you remember the thrill of your first horse? Literary Options Jump on the chance: Barb’s Wild Weekend set for March 2-4 proves intriguing. A book club with the option of riding—-all inclusive at the beautiful V6 Ranch in Parkfield (although you need not ride).The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is the selection for this year’s gathering. Don’t...

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Hoofbeat, January 2018

Rose Bowl Parade, Veterans and Equine Therapy, Monthly Hoofbeat Calendar & More “I was a ranch horse.” “I was a horse that transported folks on trail rides.” “I was a pack horse in the Sierras.” I was best friends with a lonely little girl.” “I was a competitive high school rodeo horse.” “I was proud to offer my best, but today I found the quiet joy in what the Lord created me to do: help a veteran deal with PTSD and loss.” Watch in the Coming Months Watch for information on the tremendous equine therapy program through different perspectives...

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Hoofbeat – December, 2017

Be a blessing and share your horseman or horsewoman talents and knowledge with others this holiday season The tarantulas are on the drive in to the ranch again this afternoon. They insist that there will be either rain or fog within three days. Yes, I know that this is often thought of as their breeding season, but it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to their predictions. The ants also seem to be out enforce. How often do we pay attention to the signs before us? The Lord gave us many signs as recorded in the Bible,...

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Hoofbeat — November 2017

Hope that you enjoy the fall as much as I do. The warm days of sunshine with a little nip in the air invigorates one. The horses respond to it, as well. The lovely autumn colors of the leaves makes for a wonderful background for shows and trail rides especially with a nip in the air. Ever notice that a grateful person is nearly always a happy one? This is our month to set aside time to give thanks. Yes, even in the face of insane massacres, floods, fire, hurricanes and tornados. Consider taking a few moments to write...

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Hoofbeat October 2017

Fires here, a record earthquake in Mexico and unique multiple storms in the southwest and south are challenging and changing many lives. They need help and strength. Yet, we are cheering on those who are competing and remembering that soon the tractors and wagons will roll to celebrate Pioneer Day. Giving Thanks In all of this, consider taking a moment to join me to give thanks for the hot, but safe, summer we are experiencing. There are those in the south and the southwest who have have not been so fortunate. Please consider a prayer for the equines and...

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