Author: Chuck Desmond

Daryl Stinchfield is the 2017 Pioneer Day Grand Marshal

Paso Robles native is ‘humbled’ and ‘honored’ to represent local community When one has lived a full life, it’s easy to be known by many different names. It’s true, yet again — in this case with the 2017 Pioneer Day Grand Marshal, DARYL STINCHFIELD. “That ol’ lop-eared monkey” is one name he’s known by. “The guy with the best disked property in the entire county” is another. “Mr. Lucky to be married to Charlotte” is yet another. While these and others are surely true and accurate, perhaps the most significant enduring title that could be assigned to Daryl is...

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Pioneer Day at the Museum

Meander over to the museum early morning or after the parade Do ya’all know where the “best-est fun on Pioneer Day” is? Sure, the parade route down Spring St. is fabulous. Yep, the Bean Feed in City Park is killer yummy. BUT, the dog-gone best-est place ta be is at Pioneer Museum! How come Chuck? Well, starting at about 6 a.m., the tractors are being started up and the Ag equipment is getting hooked up to get in line. Wagons and buggies are pulled out of the Museum’s Transportation Hall and receive their final dust-off. Billows of smoke and...

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It was a great party at Pioneer Museum

Day in the Old West fundraiser helps keep museum admission free The good people of El Paso de Robles love to PAR-TEE. Pioneer Museum is known to have had some great ones. The Museum seems to never disappoint; this one was no exception! On a beautiful Saturday afternoon and evening in August, Pioneer Museum campus was alive with activity. Children, teens and adults — 193 Roblans in all — came through the gate to celebrate the last Saturday before school started. The event was under the direction of Bill Pluma and Bonnie Nelson – two of the Board members....

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Paso has a new Postmaster

Cheryl Ollier replaces recently-retired postmaster Mike Milby Our town used to be named Hot Springs. Daily Stage Coach Service began in 1862 and that meant routine mail delivery. In 1864, the Hot Springs Hotel was opened at 13th and Spring streets and mail was dropped there and placed on the fireplace mantle. Three years later, on June 14, 1867, a true post office space was officially opened in the hotel with Edward McCarthy as the ‘Springs Postmaster.’ In the mid 80s, a dedicated Post Office building was erected downtown but I don’t know where that was. Then, 22 years...

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Restorative Partners has opened Anna’s Home

Paso is becoming involved in a very good thing! Without question, one of the most serious problems in America is addiction. In this issue of your PASO Magazine is the first of a two-part article of what one SLO County organization is doing to help those afflicted. We’ll look at Restorative Partners, its origin, it’s mission, and the progress to date. Most specifically, we’ll see what is happening behind the scenes in El Paso de Robles to make a dent in this most insidious of maladies that rips asunder the lives of women and the toll it takes on their families. These two chapters will have history and be honest. Chapter 1 explains the history of Restorative Partners and might make you shake your head with despair and Chapter 2 will make you jump up and cheer at the size of the hearts our fellow Roblans have in caring for one another. Some 450 years ago (1650) in France, a small Order of six nuns, the Sisters of St. Joseph, began working to help the needs of ordinary people and relieve them of poverty plus care for orphans. They also wanted to help those imprisoned. Their goals were lofty and the timing lousy. The French Revolution began in 1789 and with it, repressing formal religion. In short order, that group of nuns was beheaded. When the Revolution ended in...

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